Wednesday, 1 June 2016

int main() - Week 1 of Coding Period

So A week into my GSoc coding period.Things went pretty "smooth" to say the least.I realized as time passes, I have gradually become quite comfortable with NSS' codebase.

While being the #sincere person as I am, the Coding period was merely a formal beginning of the project while I had started working quite some time ago.My ever so awesome mentors gave me a clear and concise picture of how to proceed forwards.Function by function, I proceeded further.I regularly was in touch with my mentor and would get all my work regularly evaluated.A very very big mention to the trouble I had in building NSS along with a dependency on an external API.This took a rather huge chunk of my weeks time.

So now for the details:
The basic idea for the first part of my project is basically to setup a URI based recognition system for the Cryptoki objects , tokens , slots and modules.
This basically narrows it down to implementing functions like
PK11_FindFooByURI and PK11_GetURIByFoo for each of the PKCS #11 objects, modules and tokens.

This week majorly went to integrating the p11-kit API with NSS and implementing the URI functionality for Cryptoki tokens and modules.Although we are considering a review on the Structures for the NSS URI's (whether to cache the URI string  into a  static struct in NSS or not), for now we have decided to move along the current flow as the changes if arise from the review would require quite minor tweaks.

Here are a few screenshots:

You can also view my GitHub Repo for further details and to view my progress.

So now for the exciting part.
This week was a rather cheerful one.With the initial Community bonding stipends and the Google welcome package reaching us, It was a constant reminder of how big a thing we were all a part of.Hope all my fellow GSoccers are also having a blast just like me.


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